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Rural/Metro of Oregon Ambulance Transition FAQ's

January 2015

To Friends and Stakeholders:

Soon, the City of Salem contract with Rural/Metro and the City of Salem will end. It is difficult for us to say goodbye after almost 10 years. We know our friends and colleagues have many questions and we wanted to answer those as best we can. Thank you for all your support over the years.

Aaron Monnig, EMT-P, General Manager, Oregon, 503-315-2260, Ext. 122, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For a pdf copy of the FAQ's, please see here.

Community Supports Rural/Metro

Rural/Metro has a proven track record of supporters.   Please look at these letters from our advocates.

 Marion County Board of Commissioners member and former State Representative Kevin Cameron writes:

"Personally, I have been part of meetings where Rural/Metro employees are present and participating, advocating for the health of our community as well as the economic vitality...additionally encourages its employees to volunteer and participate in community events and organizations...I encourage the City of Salem to take this valuew added aspect of Rural/Metro into consideration....." (see 8/19/14 letter here)

 Salem Hospital Trauma Services Manager, Ted Raschkes, RN, BSN writes:

"I would like to support and request the City of Salem to reinstate the contract with Rural Metro....I frequently observe transfer of care from EMS to Salem Hospital staff on arrival and I’m always impressed by the professionalism and care I see Rural Metro staff providing. It is clear to me that Rural Metro leadership has communicated and educated their staff on transition of care and expectations. On a day to day basis, I see the Rural Metro team providing our community with the most important first step in trauma care which is field to hospital. Their care is a primary link to survival and I highly respect the work they are doing." (See 8/22/14 letter here).

 Red Cross, former Executive Director Maria Reyes wrote:

"The staff and volunteers at Rural Metro of Salem have been very instrumental in the support of the mission of the Red Cross. They are very professional in their response and their work is always is intact and with the highest standards, all for the love of humanity. Rural Metro of Salem is impartial, with high moral values and standards; meeting human needs without any discrimination race, gender, religion, lifestyle, or creed."  (Read 8/25/14 letter here)

President of the Strategic Economic Development Corporation, Chad Freeman writes:

"Rural/Metro has been a loyal community partner and member of the Strategic Economic Development Corporation (SEDCOR) for many years....SEDCOR appreciates our partnership with Rural/Metro and their enthusiastic commitment to the betterment of mobile medical srevices in our Mid-Willamette Valley community."  (See 8/27/14 letter here)

 Chief Development Officer of the Boys and Girls Club of Marion and Polk Counties Sue Bloom writes:

"Rural Metro has been a partner of the Boys and Girls Club for many years...provided workforce development...job shadows and tours of their facility to provide youth a deeper undertanding of the skill sets neede and career tracks available in the industry."  (See 8/20/14 letter here)

 Executive Director of Family Building Blocks, Patrice Altenhofen writes:

"Rural/Metro has generously donated their time for the past 5 years at our Riverfront Family Fest by providing tours of their ambulance. Their commitment to the Riverfront Family Fest has given Family Building Blocks the opportunity to highlight Rural/Metro’s services to over 8,000 City of Salem residents and residents from the surrounding area over the past 5 years. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Rural/Metro and consider it a privilege and honor to have their support and services in our community. Thank you for considering their bid to continue services in Salem."  (Read the 8/26/14 letter here)

 Chair of Striking Out Meth in Marion-Polk Counties, former Commissioner Patti Milne writes:

"Since 2006, when we started this annual event, Rural/Metro Ambulance has been involved as both a financial supporter and participant.  I am grateful for the generous support and enthusiastic involvement Rural/Metro Ambulance continues to provide...I am pleased to express the gratitude we feel toward this company for their community service."  (See  8/28/14 letter here)

 Coordinator of the Patriot Day Field of Flags, Jerry Thompson writes:

"Rural Metro played a valuable part in the success of both the 5th and 10th anniversary Patriot Day Field of Flags.  Throughout each of these five-day events, Rural Metro stationed paramedics in the field.  These professionals assisted with minor injuries and remained available for more serious needs.  This activity was offered as a donation...."  (See 8/20/14 letter here).

 Chief Executive Officer of the Liberty House Child Abuse Assessment Center, Alison Kelley writes:

"...I am writing to express support for Rural/Metro Ambulance....in my former position as Community Services Director for Marion County as well as my current role as CEO of Liberty House, I have encountered Rural/Metro community outreach staff in multiple community-oriented events and fairs.  This type of community presence helps people understand what Rural/Metro does for the community....I am happy to recommend that Rural/Metro be considered for continued service."  (Read 8/26/14 letter here).

 Chief Executive Officer of the Salem Chamber of Commerce, Jason Brandt writes:

"...I want to provide a strong reference for Rural/Metro Ambulance for continued ambulance service to the City of Salem residents.....Selecting an ambulance company for our community is a major decision.  I can speak with full confidence that Rural/Metro has served the Salem area community admirable, creating strong relationships and goodwill wherever they are."  (See 8/12/14 letter here).

 General Manager of the Salem Convention Center, Chrissie Bertsch writes:

"Rural/Metro has been an amazing partner of ours over the last nine years...Not only are they here attending and supporting our community on a regular basis, but they are able to bring conference here to the Salem Convention Center...."  (See the 8/19/14 letter here).

 Executive Director of the Salem Multicultural Institute, Graham Morris writes about Rural/Metro's involvement in the World Beat Festival:

""We literally couldn't do it without you."  (See 8/19/14 letter here).

Rural Metro EMT's Honored at Red Cross Real Heroes Breakfast

Rural Metro EMT's Honored at Red Cross Real Heroes Breakfast

Rural/Metro's Joel Schaffner and Victor Hoffer from Rural Metro Honored at Red Cross Real Heroes Breakfast, held at the Salem Conference Center on September 11, 2014.   Their efforts helped save a woman who experienced a cardiac incident.  Read more and see the video here.




Letter from Aaron Monnig, General Manager

Mar 14 2013 320 530x800

   November 11, 2014

   TO: Our Colleagues and Community Supporters

   FROM: Aaron Monnig, EMT-P, Rural/Metro Ambulance

 We want to inform our community partners and friends that the purchasing department of the City of Salem has recommended that the City choose another ambulance company to serve the City’s emergency service needs.

The decision came as a complete surprise to us and to our employees.

We have served Salem since 2005, helping the City create one of the most successful public/private partnerships in the region. We have met all expectations from the City. Throughout this competitive bid process, we agreed to everything the City requested.

This decision was made by a selection committee that includes city representatives and members of the fire department. It is our understanding that it will not be going to the City Council for review or approval as it has in the past.

The purpose of this letter is to let you know we are going to look into the selection process in an effort to understand how the decision was made. On Nov. 10 we filed a protest (see protest letter here) to the decision based on the position that our competitors either have not had experience in a market similar to ours, and also that our current investment and knowledge was not properly weighed in the scoring process. We also noticed some issues with the scoring that are outlined in our attached letter to the City.

We want to continue our investment in the Salem community. We want to keep our business and we want to continue employing our incredible work force.

We have built strong relationships, we know Salem and we’re invested here. We have been involved in dozens of community organizations, employ local citizens and have donated thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of services to support the City and the community. This is an investment we have already made and it should be weighed when considering how much a competitor will bring into the market.

It’s easy for a new company that wants to expand and take over new territories, to make promises. It is important to make sure that if the City plans to embark on a lengthy transition, they have carefully considered the options of moving from a known entity to an unknown entity. This is especially true for a company that doesn’t have experience in our region or with cities similar to Salem.

Click here for FAQ's about the process that may provide additional explanation.

All of us at Rural/Metro thank you for supporting us through your letters, calls and emails.

Aaron Monnig, B.A., EMT P, Market General Manager Salem, Eugene, Springfield

1790 Front St. NE, Salem, OR 97301, 503-315-2260, Ext. 122, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pablo Nowell EMT Selected as Statesman Journal Young Professional

Pablo Nowell EMT Selected as Statesman Journal Young Professional Salem, OR (January 25, 2014).  The Salem Statesman Journal selected Rural/Metro's Pablo Nowell, EMT as its Young Professional.  The article ran in the Inside Business Section of the January 25, 2014 edition.

The article highlights and interview are below:

What I do at work: I am an EMT-Basic with Rural/Metro Ambulance. I provide pre-hospital emergency medical care in accordance with Oregon scope of practice for EMT-Basics and in accordance with local protocols and procedures. My responsibilities include assisting my paramedic partner with procedures to make sure the patient is transported safely while maintaining or improving medical stability and document, document, document because our reports are legal documents that can be subpoenaed and used in a court of law. Finally, it is my responsibility to be able to communicate adequately and maintain good rapport with other emergency service agencies, hospital personnel and others.

What I do with my time: I spend a lot of my time studying as I am currently completing pre-requisite courses for graduate school. I love to learn, play guitar, get lost in Wikipedia, but most of all I love making memories with family and friends.

Why I work and live in the Mid-Valley: My wife grew up here in the Mid-Valley and after graduating from Biola University and living in Apple Valley, Calif., we decided to give Salem a try. After living here for a little over a year I have learned to appreciate the Mid-Valley as it has a lot to offer and it is not a super busy market. Working in the Mid-Valley provides one with the opportunity to build strong networks while not having to be in a “big city.”

What’s my favorite Salem secret: Why would I tell? It’s a secret! But I will provide three clues: 1. It’s related to coffee. 2. Starts with “Toadally” 3. Ends with “Joe Cafe.”

Mid-Valley leader I’d love to have lunch with: Norm Gruber, president and Chief Executive Officer of Salem Health.

What’s something people wouldn’t guess about me: I was the drum major of my high school marching band. Yes, I was the leader of the band geeks. And I am still proud of it!

Salem Area Young Professionals is focused on showcasing Salem as a choice destination for young professionals while establishing Salem’s next generation of business and community leaders.