Rural/Metro is a leading private provider of emergency and non-emergency ambulance services in Oregon.

911 Emergency Ambulance Services Rural/Metro's certified paramedics and emergency medical technicians arrive on the scene with the skills and expertise to rapidly administer care, coordinate with on-scene first responders, communicate with emergency department physicians and transport patients to the most appropriate facilities.

Interfacility Ambulance Services: From large hospital networks and healthcare systems to skilled nursing facilities dotted throughout our service areas, we are the trusted ambulance provider that healthcare professionals turn to for their patient transportation needs. With more than half of our patients requiring interfacility transportation on a non-emergency basis, we are experts at ensuring our customers’ needs are met.

We respond to emergency and non-emergency transports with experience and efficiency, including:

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

- Critical care and intensive care transports (ICU/CCU)

- Patient transfers to acute care facilities

- Pediatric and neonatal transports

- Multi-trauma and burn patients

Basic Life Support (BLS)

- Interfacility transports

- Dialysis, chemotherapy and other pre-scheduled treatments that require medical supervision during transport

- Hospice transports

- Psychiatric transports

- Bariatric transports


 Wheelchair Van Services

Rural/Metro also has specially equipped vans equipped with oxygen and wheelchair lifts for ambulatory or bariatric patients needing extra assistance to doctor's appointments, hospital dismissals, dialysis treatment and other local or long-distance transports.

With Rural/Metro, you can expect clinical excellence and standardized best practices, response time reliability, industry-leading safety and compliance standards, superior technology, expert customer care and cost-saving business models.  Because that's what you want in your trusted ambulance service provider.