Pacific Ambulance and Bowers Ambulance (together "Pacific-Bowers") comprise California's largest independent regional provider of non-emergency interfacility ambulance services, with operations in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and Riverside counties.  With more than 700 employees and a hub of operations that serves many of the state's fastest-growing population centers, Pacific-Bowers is dedicated to providing the highest-quality services by providing timely, efficient, effective and compassionate care to our patients and customers.

Pacific Ambulance, Inc. was founded in Orange County in 2000 in response to a need for a high-quality, personalized approach to the delivery of ambulance services in the area. In 2004, Pacific expanded into San Diego County. Our philosophy is to ensure that each member of our team is able to achieve high levels of job satisfaction while delivering the most professional services possible has enabled.  We believe this approach has contributed to our continuing growth.

In January 2004, Bowers Companies, Inc. dba Bowers Ambulance was acquired, enabling us to expand operations into Los Angeles County. Established in 1938, Bowers was the first private ambulance company licensed in the City of Los Angeles. With the acquisition of Bowers, we helped to shape the way medical transportation is provided throughout Southern California.

In December 2011, Pacific-Bowers was acquired by Rural/Metro Corporation, which will further support our strategic efforts to grow in the region and continue to provide superior services.

As Pacific-Bowers continues to expand, the basic values of excellent patient care and customer service remain at the forefront of all we do.